Parineeti Chopra reveals if Nick Jonas’s friends flirted with her at his wedding

Parineeti Chopra reveals if Nick Jonas's friends flirted with her at his wedding

March 17,2019: Parineeti Chopra was one of the bridesmaids at Priyanka Chopraand Nick Jonas’s wedding. The actress made an appearance on Kapil Sharma’s television show last night with Akshay Kumar to promote her upcoming film ‘Kesari’. Kapil asked the actress about the big, romantic wedding and asked if she got paid in Dollars or INR for the joota churana ritual. Parineeti told him that she got a lot of cash in INR and Dollars, both. In addition to this, she also got diamonds from the groom. Kapil further asked her if Nick’s friends ever flirted with Parineeti since she was one of the bridesmaids and the bride’s sister.

Parineeti responded to it by saying, “Line toh maara par maine line di nahi!’ (They did flirt with me but I didn’t give them attention)

Parineeti had tweeted about the joota churai ritual and revealed that Nick was quite generous but now we know how generous he actually was! Can’t deny being a little envious about this. She had tweeted saying, “To all those speculating the joota hiding money – you know nothing!! All I can say is – you’re wrong!!!!! Haha. Nick was MORE THAN CRAZY HUGELY MADLY GENEROUS! No words. Still reeling. Phew. He shocked us. Whatta playa!!! @nickjonas.”